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Real Estate

When you’re buying or selling your home…

It’s the biggest, most important financial transaction of your life. It’s a complicated process filled with pitfalls, apprehension, and anxiety. Let The Law Office of Jay S. Cantor, the attorney with over 25 years of real estate experience with Hudson Valley transactions, guide you and advise you. Let us use our skill, experience, and the expertise of both our attorneys and our support staff to get you to the closing table.

Whether you are a first time home-buyer, or are selling your 5th or 6th home, the process of purchasing or selling your home can be overwhelming. In this crazy real estate market, filled with complicated mortgage issues and difficult short sale transactions, it is essential to the success of your purchase or sale that you be represented by experienced real estate attorneys. Over the years, The Law Office of Jay S. Cantor has successfully closed thousands of transactions in the Hudson Valley and has achieved a fine reputation among the many clients and local realtors with whom we have worked.

The Law Office of Jay S. Cantor for…

Purchases and Sales of Residential Real Estate
Purchases and Sales of Condominiums and Cooperatives
Legal Representation of Builders
Representation of Short Sale Sellers and Purchasers

Help with your “Short Sale”…

Over the past several years, economic conditions have impacted everyone. The declining real estate market has trapped people in homes that they can no longer afford and/or would like to sell but simply can’t because they owe too much on their mortgage. If you’re behind on your mortgage, having difficulty keeping up with your payments, or you would like to sell your home but owe more than your home is worth, you may qualify for a “SHORT SALE”. At The Law Office of Jay S. Cantor we will work with your lender in an effort to have them accept less than what is owed so that you may get relief from payments that are no longer affordable and move on with your life.

The attorney you choose can make all the difference…

Real estate transactions are no longer what they used to be... simple and easy. In this day and age, getting to the closing table can be like walking through a minefield. As such, make sure you are represented by competent and experienced attorneys who know the process and who will protect your interests.

Call The Law Office of Jay S. Cantor… professional service… reasonable rates… serving the Hudson Valley since 1985. Call us today at 845-297-7777.